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Lovely Links Permanent Bracelets

$ 92.00
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We're making our love for jewelry official! Introducing Lovely Links, a permanent jewelry collection of 14k gold, semi-precious, and precious stones that last a lifetime.

Choose your chain and book an appointment at our Sis Kiss HQ on Dover Center Rd. just outside Cleveland, OH.


  • our chains come in 14k gold or .925 sterling silver
  • to book your appointment you must place an order for your chain
  • once you've arrived at The Sis Kiss HQ, you will be able to add charms to your Lovely Links styles (birthstone crystals, diamonds, and more)
  • charms are sold separately and payment will be processed on-site with our team
  • additional chains OR charms availability is on a first-come, first-serve basis
  • all sales are final
  • if you want to remove your jewelry, please use the appropriate tools or high-quality shears


  • .925 sterling silver rim birthstone crystal  ($32 per charm)
  • crystal heart with .925 sterling silver jump ring  ($38 per charm)
  • .925 sterling silver star ($32 per charm)
  • 14k gold rim diamond ($110 per diamond)

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